International Accredited 

Professional Counsellor Academy provides International Accredited programs that lead to an International qualification outcome. All Professional Counsellor Academy programs has been approved and registered by SAAC as an accredited, structured Training Academy terms of the SAAC policy. The registration number is 32/Z/17

Non-Accredited  NATIONAL Courses (Provider Programs)

Professional Counsellor Academy also provide non-accredited national short mentored Skills programs to equip people and maximize a person’s potential to live fulfilling lives in spite of their circumstances. We understand how important accredited courses are, but provider programs can really help your career as well.

You could learn great skills that do not cost a lot of money. These courses can really benefit you by improving your skills in the workplace and help you to do your job better. This could be the reason you get promoted or find a better job, as this shows that you want to better yourself in your field.

Professional Counsellor Academy does not offer or confer national qualifications but issues a proof of course completion and a transcript of the total of short mentored courses which can be conferred by other Universities and Institutions into recognize credits, and by issuing a qualification (Recognition of prior Learning - RPL).

Provider Programs can be created by us; these courses are broken up into 6 levels. Every course level includes more modules and is more difficult than the one before it. You could decide to start off with a short course and then build on with the advanced courses. You can slowly better your skills and qualifications over time with our provider programs.

According to the South African constitution, freedom of religion is granted to all religious Institutions and therefore Government will not interfere in the activities of the Institution and the way involvement is expressed in Religious Education. Even religiously orientated training material is not obliged to carry official accreditation. Professional Counsellor Academy is such a Religious Institution and our training is exclusively orientated and rooted in the faith.

The South African Association for Counsellors [SAAC]

Omega Theological Academy

Pastoral Counselling Association – South Africa

South African Addiction Counsellor Academy

Omega Community Church